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We create innovative solutions to level up your brand and sports property.

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The business school, it began its journey in the market in 2011, originally named the DiGa Institute. In 2015, it was renamed Universal Three. With its headquarters in Alphaville (BR), a branch in Bogota (CO) and a new branch in Austin (USA).  With a distinctive structure, Universal Threee is led by Diego Garzon.

The company trains professionals with certification issued by U3.

If you’ve ever struggled to innovate and evolve your business, you are not alone. Many leaders rely on generic strategies.


The result: a commoditized strategy with no differentiation, performance, or business and brand results to grow. In business, in sports, and in life itself, there are two ways to live and play!


Driven by fear or freedom.


The fear of being average or the freedom to be brave and do something that has not been done before. So, inspired by the impossibility in its purest form represented in the Penrose Triangle, we created Universal Three to help you to win in business and life through strategic innovation.


Over the last decade, Diego helped international brands and sports properties win and grow through innovation. A vision emerged: The challenge was to create and do something that had not been done before. So, inspired by the unique and innovative Penrose triangle, Diego decided to join with top experts and create Universal Three to help you to win.

To help brands, entrepreneurs, sports properties, and athletes in innovating, growing, and succeeding, while also inspiring and empowering young talent by establishing the largest consulting technology and innovation hub in America. Not only in business or sports but also in life through strategic innovation.

If you'd like to learn more about how Diego achieved this and how he can help you in innovating, succeeding, and growing, let's connect and kickstart your innovation and growth journey.

Diego is a leader in his segment; Creator of the GMW Method, known as "The Gentleman." He is the author of the successful books 'Quatum Leap', 'Marca Personal' and '8 Pilares';  with Master in Business Administration, Master in Coaching. 

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We ensure the Right Touch

We not only understand what our clients need, we are there when they need to solve a specific need with an intelligent solution. We ensure just the «right touch» with a team of experts capable of addressing specific challenges of the sports industry in a timely and efficient manner. This allows us to develop solutions tailored to each client, taking advantage of the flexibility and experience that the Universal Three network brings to our team.



Premium Experience


Join the select group of people who are building
the extraordinary!

Experience 1 year of exclusive mentorship with Diego Garzon. So, are you prepared to discover a truly extraordinary and abundant world?

Our Awesome Core Services

This is why we’re just simply different. Discover a powerful framework of services to evolve and elevate your business. 

Come with Us


The most comprehensive certification. An exclusive program of courses for you to achieve high performance in all areas of your life.

The Gray Belt and Golden Belt Programs are designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, trainers, and speakers who wish to lead people with a focus on results and high performance, while also investing in themselves to achieve their goals and objectives.

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